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What is Cardpayz?

Cardpayz is the leading payment gateway for merchants with more than 70 connectors available in 150+ currencies. Offering a full suite of payment processing solutions and services, we connect merchants to clients in different parts of the globe. Uncover your potential through the help of our industry experts and professionals.


Key Strengths

KeyStrengthsIcon International payments

KeyStrengthsIcon Fraud monitoring system

KeyStrengthsIcon PCI DSS compliance

KeyStrengthsIcon Multi-currency acquiring

KeyStrengthsIcon Mobile version

KeyStrengthsIcon Intelligent transaction routing

KeyStrengthsIcon Visa & Mastercard processing

KeyStrengthsIcon Flexible Settlement Period


Why Cardpayz?

Our partners can expect up to 30% increase in conversion rate with our solutions with an additional 20% of transaction approval ratio.

Unique payment solutions

We believe that “one size does not fit all” which is why we provide unique customisable solutions to optimise your sales needs.

Personal account management

The key ingredient for growth is having someone to manage and nurture your business needs. Cardpayz provides this to unlock your potential.

Low Merchant Account Setup Fee

We know that the start is always the hardest step. We make sure that you overcome the biggest hurdle by making the first step to unlock your potential.

Low Cost Payment Processing

We make things simple and convenient and we believe that what you earn is yours to keep. Our cost-efficient solutions give you more opportunity to grow.

Reliable Merchant Account Banking Partners

Establish your business with global credibility with our reliable merchant account banking partners backing you up.

Friendly and Experienced Merchant Services Representatives

Get needed assistance and guidance from our key experts and professionals.

Easy Merchant Bank Settlements

We make your payment solutions journey easy and feasible making your merchant bank settlements worry-free and convenient.

Advance your business by increasing your sales and customer reach through our smart, innovative and customized payment processing technology.

Reporting & Data

Get all your data to optimise your sales and see every stage of the payment process to your full advantage.

International Coverage

Open your business to the world and find customers across global borders. Reach your potential through our global platform and get your payments connected wherever you are in the world.

Payment Platform

Everything you need is within your grasp through our powerful payment platform API. Get all the features and payment methods to your advantage through our advanced platform.

Fraud Protection

Our adaptive fraud protection technology gives the safety and security you need in this fast-paced industry. Discover a wide array of tools right at your fingertips.

Cardpayz offers advice, introductions and tailor-made solutions to quickly enable regulated online payments seamlessly securely and compliant with payment systems rules.

We service merchants operating in industries such as

checkRegulated Forex
checkE-commerce & Retail
checkand many more!

Compliance and Accuracy

Our carefully curated global in-country partners serve as Employers of Record for foreign businesses and provide local expertise to ensure compliance. Cardpayz platform tracks payments to ensure an error-free payroll every time.

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